DLI Update

What is DLI?

DLI stands for Designated Educational Institution (DLI). A school that has been given approval from a province or territorial government to accept foreign students is known as a designated learning institution. In Canada, all elementary and secondary schools are designated educational institutions. You require an acceptance letter from a designated educational institution in order to apply for a study permit. Each post-secondary institution that accepts foreign students has a special DLI number. The application for a study permit includes the DLI number.

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DLI Update

An international student may change their level of study, institution of study, and/or program of study while they are enrolled in a college/university in Canada under a valid study permit. They might need to notify the relevant immigration authority, apply for a new study permit, or obtain a study permit extension depending on the desired change. Whatever the reason might be for you to change the college, ICW Immigration can help you through the process.

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