Post Graduate Work Permit

Post Graduate Work Permit

Program Description:

International students who graduated from an eligible Canadian designated learning institution (DLIs) can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). If granted, an open work permit is issued to the applicant to gain valuable Canadian work experience.

Key Program Highlights

Graduates can work full or part-time for any employer in Canada with a post-graduation work permit, as well as operate their own business. Graduates are eligible for permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry Canadian Experience Class if they have National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill type 0 or skill level A or B work experience obtained through the PGWPP.

The length of the applicant’s academic program determines how long the post-graduation employment visa will be valid. It can be given out for as little as 8 months or as long as 3 years.

One post-graduation work permit may be granted to applicants per lifetime.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • The candidate must currently have a valid temporary status or have left Canada before applying for a post-graduation work permit.
  • Candidates must have completed a degree program at an authorized educational institution (DLI).
  • A degree, diploma, or certificate must have been earned after the applicant successfully finished an academic, vocational, or professional training program at an accredited institution in Canada that lasted at least 8 months.
  • The applicant must have maintained full-time enrollment in the program or programs of study they have finished and submitted as part of their post-graduation work visa application during each academic session. There are several exceptions, such as breaks from studying or final exams.
  • Applicants must have received a transcript and an official letter from the eligible DLI confirming that they have met the requirements to complete their study program.
  • The candidate must meet one of the following requirements: hold a valid study permit, hold a study permit, or be permitted to study in Canada without acquiring study permission under the Immigration regulations. The candidate must also apply within 180 days after graduation.

Certain students are ineligible for a PGWP. Follow this link to view the list of ineligible applicants.


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Key Candidates For The Program

Key Candidates for the PGWP program are international postgraduate students who graduated from a DLI school in Canada.

  • Letter confirming completion of the program of study.
  • A final transcript.
  • Identity documents travel documents and passport.
  • Photos: Include 2 passport photos. The photo must be taken within the last six months of applying. Write the name and date of birth at the back of the photos. Check photo specifications.
  • Proof of current immigration status.
  • Photocopy of a marriage certificate if applicable.
Post Graduate Work Permit


Whether they are submitting a PGWP application from within or outside of Canada. There are two ways to request a PGWP. You have two options for applying: online or on paper at a visa application center in your country.

You must fill out the relevant forms, confirm them, print them off, sign them, and upload them in order to submit an online application.

To successfully submit an online application, you need the following:

  • A scanner or camera to scan or capture the electronic copies of all your supporting documents, which must be uploaded,
  • A valid credit card to make payments online

The first step will be required to create an account online. Follow this link to create an account online.

You will begin an application for an open work permit by responding to a few questions after the account has been created. Your unique document checklist will be made using the responses you give to these questions.

Upload all of your supporting documents, submit your application, and pay for it online. You can check the status of your application, get messages pertaining to it, and update any essential information using your online account.

Payment Of Fees:

The fees you have to pay to the government include your application processing fee of $255. If you are out of status, you will pay $605 to restore your student status and PGWP application. Follow this link to pay for the restoration of status as a student. See the breakdown of the fees.

Biometrics Fee:

If required, you should pay a biometrics fee when you submit your application to avoid delays. The biometric fee is $85. The biometrics fee covers the cost of collecting fingerprints and digital photos. Check if you need to give your biometrics.

Standard Processing Time For Post-Graduate Work Permit Application:

The processing time for Post-Graduate Work Permit applications is 100 days.

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